Coswick trowel B11 is designed as a processed steel plate with a wooden handle. The plate has a precisely cut profile and an aperture to hang the trowel when stored. The trowel is designed to apply adhesive on even (maximal unevenness is 4 mm for 2 meters in length) and smooth surfaces (filled with putty or screed smoothed with a self-levelling floor compound; brushed plywood or chipboard underlay). Underlay, laminate flooring and stable types of hardwood flooring, as well as the solid hardwood flooring and hardwood flooring from exotic species can be used as a glued-down flooring. It may be used in a fusion with basic materials and even base surface to attain the increased durability. Adhesive Consumption: 1000 – 1300 g/m² Width: 220 mm Benefits: Easy to use; Uniform adhesive application; Efficient use of adhesive; Reliable joint and perfect quality of installation.

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